Finding the perfect candidate

We know that every employer around the world must have employees that tick different boxes. These include being a team player or able to work alone. Be carrier driven or happy to do their job without complaint. Both a manual worker or academic, a leader or follower - creative talent or autocratically minded.

We all understand that every successful team has a combination of players with very different strengths that allow a business to overcome all challenges.

We assess all candidates carefully in a unique assessment approach to establish the skill levels, experience relevance and career drive of each candidate.

Finding candidates with the perfect levels of experience in our chosen sectors is extremely difficult. We therefore turn our attention to people with transferable or from similar market places.  All too often these placements fail as the experience these candidates have does not match our needs.

Many candidates that we meet have limited experience to back their ambitions, but often these candidates have great attributes that are not apparent to clients on a CV. We work with such candidates in the following areas:

  • Establish the candidates ambition and assess the experience levels on offer
  • Using profiling techniques we analyse the suitability of the candidate to their ambitions
  • If the candidate has the right personal profile, aptitude and commitment we work a program of development that bridges the lack of experience for potential clients
  • If the candidate is better suited to follow a different carrier then we work them through a different program to give them the platform for success
  • The development programs are proven to give both candidates and clients the best match up possible

Sometimes the positions that we look to fill are more straight forward with many candidates having perceived experience and/skills to meet our needs. Filtering through the multiple applicants seems more straight forward that the previously discussed scenario. However, finding the right candidate out of several “good options” can be challenging:

  • How much can we tell about a person from 2 or 3 interviews?  Like educational qualifications, some students are great at exams/theory BUT not so good in a real life/practical situation.
  • References can be misleading as previous employees are not obliged to give details of poor performance.  It is unlikely any candidate will provide a reference that would do anything other than praise your candidate.

Our approach to filtering candidates with ‘perceived’ suitability, experience and skills for your vacancy include:

  • Aptitude testing
  • Personality profiling
  • Environmental and cultural matching

We would narrow several candidates to three that fit your company needs the best.  I will explain how this work is carried out in the next section which focuses on the clients.

LJ Recruitment

Position profiling to understand the vacany needs
  • Progression options
  • Required skills
  • In house training
Core values
  • Cultural blue print
  • Personality fit
  • Expectations on appointment
  • Vision of ideal candidate
  • Experience and skills
  • Educational achievements
  • Location and personal profile ideals

Our Tarrifs

Service Price
Lifetime membership and exclusivity £500
30% discount
Executive placement
(£50k pa or above)
18% of starting salary
Non-executive placement
(Less than £50k pa)
15% of starting salary
Multiple placements
(3 or more)
10% discount